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Regelmatig sturen wij nieuwsbrieven naar onze klanten en relaties. Daarmee houden wij ze op de hoogte van nieuwe producten, ontwikkelingen in de markt en ander nieuws. Onze nieuwsbrieven worden standaard in het engels verstuurd.

De volgende nieuwsbrieven zijn reeds verstuurd:

September 2021 >>

  • ALO and BAM in new colors 
  • Taft Black Out re-certified - fire retardancy meets the highest standard
  • New in our collection Taft Metal Blackout - TMB
  • The new inspiration card Black & White

Juli 2021 >>

  • Summer edition

Juni 2021 >>

  • Change ahead: A new collection book with all options included
  • With BREEZE everything is possible
  • Summer has arrived - You can count on us!

Mei 2021 >>

  • Black & White - The next inspiration card is in the making
  • Challenge us - More possibilities than you think
  • The AG Textiles collection is constantly moving

April 2021 >>

  • Sun protection - Creating more than shadow
  • Breeze - Contemporary stitched designs
  • It's King's Day again - Did you know that…

Maart 2021 >>

  • Fabric Friday - A closer acquaintance every Friday
  • Spring Time - The true spring feeling
  • Water designs - The power of modesty​

Februari 2021 >>

  • You will hear more from us - We like to keep it lively
  • More inspiration
  • Did you know that…
  • Depend on quality​

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